DHA Fish Oil Dosage – The Power of Omega3 Fatty Acids is Found in the Right DHA Dosage

Taking the right DHA fish oil dosage is the key to maximizing the benefits of omega3 fatty acids. There is no general prescribed dosage for omega 3; this is because it is neither a drug nor chemical, so it does not have the negative effects associated with drugs. However, we have standard recommendations.

You need adequate DHA fish oil dosage because, DHA makes up 30% of your brain and its deficiency could cause many diseases such as brain related problems. Research shows that high level of this fatty acid helps to relieve problems like Alzheimer’s, ADD, ADHD and depression.

Most fish oil capsules contain 1000mg of oil; however, the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids in this 1000mg of fishoil is at least 500mg. Out of this 500mg of omega3, it is recommended that DHA should be at least 250mg; it should be twice the amount of EPA because it can easily be Ibutamoren sarm converted to EPA, meanwhile, the reverse is impossible.

The recommended DHA fish oil dosage for an average individual a day is 500mg which is equivalent to two capsules of fishoil; those with chronic depression can take more ( about 4-5 capsules a day)

You have to read the label of the supplement very well before buying to make sure that it contains the accurate amounts of the fatty acids; do not buy any brand that does not specify the quantities of DHA and EPA contained, it means that they are trying to ‘cover up’ something.

Most supplements on the market contain more of EPA because it is actually easier to concentrate; the good news is, there are few that contain the recommended amounts of the fatty acids.

Another thing you should consider when buying a supplement is purity; fish contain impurities such as mercury from the polluted oceans; Molecularly distilled supplements are free from these contaminants, because this method of purification effectively removes the contaminants from the oil.