A Closer Look On Football Shoes

Currently in the world of football, there is an investigation being done concerning the football boots the players wear and how it might have contributed to the many injuries that most of them sustain during the process of them playing football. Issues have risen with the modern blades that are now being placed on the football boots over the regular studs that have been in use previously.

The investigation considered the match between Manchester united and the rangers where one of Manchester united player Antonio Valencia got his bone broken when he was involved in a tackle with a ranger’s defender, Kirk Bradfoot. After different replays of the video clip of the match, it was clearly seen that the challenge that Bradfoot made on Antonio was not hard enough to enable the bone to break and even have it protrude out of the skin, in fact it was a light tackle.

When you consider the turf that is being used currently it is said that the turf is more stiff and strong compared to the one that was being used before, hence the grass or the soil cannotแนะนำเว็บ ufabet interfere with it making it more risky especially if you combine the turf with the modern studs that are being used these days.

The reason why most players recommend using the modern blades is because they enable you to run very fast with a lot of ease, but when it comes to stability on the ground, the rounded designs are the best for the job.

The main problem is, the sponsors who sponsor the big teams recommend the type of shoes each player is supposed to wear without necessarily putting into consideration their stability.

But for people who have become professionals in the world of football, they have been able to design the boots that contain a hybrid of the two layouts, without necessarily considering to what extent the boot is going to be stable making it very hard to know where the real problem lies.

Nike one of the shoe manufacturing company has been able to put all these into consideration and in fact the boots that they are manufacturing right now are of better quality compared to the others that they were manufacturing before, they have been able to blend the two in order to be able to come up with the outline that can enable you to be stable and at the same time move with speed.