4 Games You Can Use Your Mobage Credits to Play!

It is no secret that video games have greatly evolved; you do not have to leave the house to play your favourite game. Asteroids may have the coolest video game back in the 80’s, but in the 21st century, there are way cooler games! Some video games are so cool; you will need to buy special virtual coins or credits to enjoy these games to the max.

Mobage (pronunciation:”mo-ba-gey”) is one of the many well-known publishers/creators of popular online games. Many of the games created by Mobage are comic superheroes, movies and cartoon-inspired. Mobage has created a lot of online games, and many of these games can be played for absolutely free!

Although, the games created by Mobage can be played for free, but for those avid online gamers who love to compete against other players, the need for Mobage credits or coins is imperative. You will need to shell out “real money” in order to purchase the Mobage credits needed to compete with other gamers. With the credits, you will be able to purchase hard-to-come-by cards or items, which you can use to your advantage when playing against other players.

Who said you had to limit yourself to playing just one game with slot pragmatic Mobage credits? Here are four games you can use your Mobage credits to play:

1. War of Heroes

This is one of the most popular games from the Mobage stable. It is a game inspired by Marvel Comic’s popular characters. A player’s mission is to assemble a team of strong characters to fight their opponents in a thrilling battle between superheroes.

2. Blood Brothers

This is a very interesting game, where the player will play the part of a hero who turned into a vampire. Your mission is to lead your army to victory against the enemy. Players can choose to be the characters that they desire – there is a list of characters to choose from. The premise is simple, assemble your very own army and use your wits to win the game.

3. Divine Armaments

This game features a hundred beautiful would-be goddesses whom you (the player) will need to equip with items needed to help you fight your way to winning the game.

4. Deity Wars

You will need to use your ability to strategize when playing Deity Wars. This game involves commanding an army of warriors to victory, using your strategizing abilities of course. In this game, you will also have the opportunities to strengthen your army to get the edge.